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Happy Shuttle About Us 1

The Life of City.

Modern Busy Life, with Traffic Gradually Developed.

Modern transport, especially in LA, can be said block and packed. Happy Shuttle knows your pain, so we offer luxury car to make you feel comfortable and safe while you begin your journey. Although the car brand is very important, maintaining the cleanness is also accounted for a large amount of percent of comfort for passenger. We know these details, as people said, “The so-called devil is always hiding in the details”, so we clean our car regularly to keep the car dry and comfortable, This to make sure every passengers can really feel the happiness along the way. Next, we will introduce you our cars.


A Symbol of Stable and Safe.

Toyota also has a slogan, it is “Best Things Start Around Us .” Unlike Cadillac, everyone should be very familiar with Toyota. Also, it is the most robust representative.

Toyota Sienna

LAX start $60+,
Charter 5 hours $225, or 8 hours $320, overtime $45 per hour

Happy Shuttle 快樂專車 Home 首頁

Airport, the Must Reach Destination.

The beginning of a journey must begin from the airport.

Happy Shuttle with the most luxurious car, or in the most robust car, to help the passenger to arrive their destination with safety and happiness. We always be on time and find the best road to help you open up the perfect starting point of your journey. If the starting point for each passenger’s trip is happy and safe, then that means we reached our Happy Shuttle mission. Road to the Happiness, way to the happiness, and that is our spirit.