Corporate Travel

Point-to-Point Transfers
When you book a corporate Shuttle through Happy Shuttle , you are in command. Go wherever you need, for as long as it takes. Why spend your time driving around to find a parking space, walking from your car to your destination (possibly in inclement weather), and then walking all the way back to your car; only to do it all over again at your next stop? With Happy Shuttle , you get door-to-door service and a waiting service at your disposal.

Corporate Travel Services

Don’t let travel interfere with your business meetings and planning. Impress your clients by continuing your meeting and presentation while traveling between destinations. Further impress your clients by providing Happy Shuttle to dinner, a corporate event or other outing.

Door to Door Airport Shuttle Service
Travel from the airport in comfort with no hassles: No more trying to find your car in massive parking lots, waiting in inclement weather for the airport shuttle bus, and struggling with your luggage through lanes of traffic.

Departing passengers are picked up at their home or office, driven to the airport in luxury and comfort, and dropped off at the entrance of their departure terminal, all while luggage is handled by the chauffeur. Arriving passengers are met inside the arrival area, walked to their waiting limousine and comfortably driven to their destination, making your trip home completely relaxing.